homemade bagels

Before I tackled making bagels at home, I did a lot of research. The two things I really didn't want? Rock-hard bagels or bagels that taste just like bread, but in bagel form. I decided to use Peter Reinhart's recipe because the dough rests overnight in the fridge, meaning I wouldn't have to devote a whole day to bagel-making.
At first, the dough was hard, literally. I was sure this wasn't going to work out for me. But after letting it rest and then forming the bagels, the dough seemed ok. The next day, the bagels were boiled, sprinkled with a variety of toppings then baked.
Fresh out of the oven, the bagels smelled awesome. When I took my first bite, I was in heaven. The crust was crisp and the interior was dense and chewy—just what I was looking for. I'd say these are more akin to NYC bagels, but I think that if I make them flatter and add extra honey to the dough, these could easily transform into Montreal-style bagels.
My favourite topping was the combo of caraway seeds, Maldon sea salt, dehydrated onions, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. All that was needed was a generous smear of cream cheese. 


  1. wow! amazing! i can't believe that you made those! they look so so good.

  2. These look awesome Vern! What's the difference b/n an NYC bagel and a Montreal bagel though?

  3. thanks guys! brae: i'd describe nyc bagels as usually bigger & puffier (but still chewy) whereas montreal bagels are sweeter (i think they add more sugar, honey or malt syrup), flatter and crunchier on the outside.

  4. Interesting. I had an NYC bagel years and years and years ago, but never a Montreal bagel. All I can recall of the NYC bagel was a MASSIVE portion of cream cheese, which I absolutely love.